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Financial Aid and OSAP FAQs

What is an MSFAA?

The Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA) is a lifetime student loan agreement for full-time students. It is completed once during your post-secondary studies. The agreement contains terms and conditions to accept before you receive and repay your OSAP loan. It is also how the National Student Loan Service Centre receives your banking information so they can deposit funding directly to you.

Your online application will indicate if you need to print a personalized agreement and explains how to submit it to a designated Canada Post outlet.

How do I get my MSFAA?

You can print out your lifetime loan agreement (MSFAA) anytime after you submit your online OSAP application. Just log on to the OSAP website and click on Print Documents to find the form. You must take your MSFAA along with identification to a participating Canada Post outlet in your area. This will be valid throughout your full-time post-secondary studies.

  • Read the terms and conditions
  • Complete the form
  • Sign and date it
  • Bring the first page (with your signature) to a designated Canada Post outlet
  • Show two pieces of valid identification:
    • Social Insurance Number (SIN) card or government document with your
    • Government-issued photo ID
  • The Canada Post outlet will send your lifetime student loan agreement to the National Student Loans Service Centre

When will I find out how much OSAP I get?

Once your OSAP application is complete and all supporting documentation is submitted your OSAP entitlement is calculated. You will be notified via email once that process is finished. You can check your entitlement and status on the OSAP website.

How do I check to see if my OSAP application is complete?

You can check the status of your OSAP application at any time by logging on to your OSAP account. For your personalized list of required documents, log on to your OSAP account and click View App Details.

When will I get my OSAP funding?

OSAP funding is not available before the first day of school. Before any funding is disbursed, you must complete the following steps:

  • Submit your MSFAA to a designated Canada Post outlet
  • Submit all of your OSAP supporting documents to your Financial Aid office
  • Your school confirms your enrolment directly with OSAP (prior to each disbursement)
  • You confirm your income online (prior to second semester disbursement)

How do I get my OSAP money?

OSAP funding is disbursed directly to your bank account. It is important you keep bank account information up-to-date with the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC) so you can receive funds without delay. Make sure your address and contact information is up-to-date with OSAP in case there is a problem with direct deposit and your funds are issued by cheque.

Are there bursaries, scholarships and awards available for students?

Yes, there are a variety of bursaries, scholarships and awards available to students throughout the year.

Scholarships are awarded to people who have achieved academic or personal excellence (or a combination of both), community involvement or leadership. There are a variety of scholarships with differing criteria.

Bursaries are awarded based on financial need. Occasionally, there may be other requirements for qualification such as membership in a certain organization or enrolment in a specific program. Students must be in good academic standing to receive a bursary.

DCWorks/IWorks programis an opportunity for students to work on campus, around their school schedule. This initiative is fully-funded by the Financial Aid and Awards department, allowing students with a minimum G.P.A of 2.0 in good academic standing an opportunity to gain valuable work experience and earn a paycheque between classes.

 *Scholarships and bursaries do not need to be repaid but need to be declared on your OSAP application, unless you have been notified otherwise.

**More information is available on your MyCampus account, under the Financial Aid tab**

Where do I go in case of a financial emergency?

Visit the Student Services building to book an appointment with a Financial Aid officer. You do not have to be receiving OSAP to qualify for emergency help.

Oshawa campus

Student Services building
Hours of operation: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
T: 905.721.3036

Whitby Campus

Records and Registration office
Hours of operation: (Starting week of Aug. 24)
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
T: 905.721.3036
F: 905.721.3088


What happens if I forget my password for the OSAP website?

Students can reset their OAN number themselves through an online function on the OSAP website. If that fails, it can be reset in-person at any college or university Financial Aid office in Ontario with your SIN card and government issued photo ID. This service is available at the Whitby campus on Tuesdays during the summer and Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays after August 24. 

If I do not get the amount that I expect from OSAP, can I appeal?

OSAP does have an appeal process. Log onto MyCampus and book an appointment online to meet with a representative from Financial Aid and Awards.

Appeals are individually assessed after you receive your final assessment. OSAP funding may be re-evaluated based on your personal situation.

Students may be eligible to appeal their expected contribution if they can provide proof they have no resources to use towards their educational expenses. This appeal can be submitted at the half-way point of the study period. The deadline for all OSAP appeals is 40 days prior to the study period end date.

I don't have a summer job – will this mean that I get more OSAP?

OSAP assumes that you work full-time over the summer months. They will automatically add in an expected pre-study income contribution from this period.

It is suggested you keep track of your active job search during the summer. You may be able to appeal the expected income contribution if you are unable to successfully find a summer job. In addition, if there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from working full-time, you may also have grounds for an appeal on the expected contribution.

I am not living with my parents, how will this affect my OSAP?

Parents more than 30 km from Durham College
If you are living away from home during the school year and your family home is more than 30 kilometres from your post-secondary institution OSAP will assess your application using a living away from home allowance including food and shelter.

Parents within 30 km of Durham College

Your assessment will be based on an at-home living allowance, which does not include food and shelter. There are appeals available for students with extenuating circumstances who must live outside the family home.

Do I have to include the value of my car even though it’s not calculated in my assessment?

No. OSAP no longer asks for any vehicle information.

Why is OSAP asking me to update my income?

OSAP requires students to review and correct their estimated income information on applications prior to the release of their second-semester funding. Instructions for this are sent out about a month prior to the second disbursement.

Eligibility for OSAP funding is partially based on your income and reporting it incorrectly can result in restriction of your eligibility. Contact a Financial Aid officer if you have questions about this.